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Duties of the BSC Information Technology Department

Did you know that, among its many functions, the Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for:

Developing and maintaining the BSC Scientific Portal and Prevention Portal? That the monthly traffic is circa 714,946 views of the Scientific Portal and 106,103 visits to the Prevention Portal (data from October 2007)? That the Prevention Portal has won lots of iBest awards and that we are running for this award this year? That we are next to 1,000,000 of accesses?

Developing the websites of each Specialized Department, State or Regional Chapters?

Electing the Directors, State Delegates, Specialized Departments and State and Regional Chapters using the BSC Portal?

Specific websites for events of State societies and Specialized Departments (congresses). The submission and assessment of papers of Specialized Departments and State and Regional Chapters, in addition to online registration systems for events?

Creating layouts of marketing materials to be posted on the Internet?

Recording lectures and creating virtual courses for the Specialized Departments and State and Regional Chapters to be published on the institution’s website with technical infrastructure of BSC for recording lectures and creating virtual courses?

Creating websites for scientific publications of the State Societies and Specialized Departments (Online Journals)?

Developing systems and databases for the Financial Department, Events, Members, Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia, Digital Office (including support), HR System etc.?

Developing BSC’s communication style, including Visual Identity (corporate identity, business cards, letterhead, folders, labels, badges, symbols and brand logo), Promotional Materials (ads, banners, posters, leaflets, invitations etc.), Signage, and Packaging?

Support with BSC internet provider infrastructure (Data Center), BSC intranet and headquarters of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (database server, application server, file and printing server, development server, workstations, structured cabling), interconnectivity of headquarters (data and telecommunication networks), Help Desk (support to BSC employees, directors, partners and Portal users), information security (firewall, intrusion detection system, cryptography, data backup, physical security), incorporation of information technology for congresses (information technology service for the registration desks at the events, installation of computers, networks and Intranet, ID barcodes for congress participants, stand assembly support, video-recording of lectures, attendance stats and operating support)?

Dr. João Manoel Rossi Neto
Information Technology Director of BCS

Updated on February 19, 2008

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