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I do not like to recommend any software applications, but this suite is truly interesting and may help many people have a better and safer Internet experience.
It is the Google Pack, available at: http://pack.google.com/:

• A software especially chosen by Google
• Always free — without trial versions or spywares
• Ready for use with only a few clicks
• Included software:
1. Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Search in any web page and complete forms automatically

Block undesirable pop-ups


2. Spyware Doctor™ Starter Edition
Detects and removes spywares, adwares, trojans and keyloggers

Includes smart programming and updates to protect your PC


3. Picasa
Find, edit and share pictures in seconds

Easily remove red eyes on pictures and do finish touches


4. Adobe Reader
View, print and search PDF files using a totally new interface

Protect your documents and cooperate through real time online meetings


5. RealPlayer
Play known media formats, organize songs and videos

Transfer songs to your iPod and other portable media players


6. Norton Security Scan
Detects and gets rid of internet viruses and worms

Free updates of detection and programmed checks


7. Google Desktop
Find all your emails, files, web histories and more

Organize all information customized in a single place with the side bar


8. Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
Surf the web in a quicker and safer fashion

Change pages quickly with tabs


9. Skype
Make free voice and video calls to anyone having Skype

Call landlines and mobiles at incredibly low rates


10. StarOffice (broadband recommended)
Word processor, worksheet, presentations and more

Includes Java™ Runtime Environment


I hope this is useful!


Dr. João Manoel Rossi Neto
Information Technology Director of BCS

Updated on May 14, 2008

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