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Transfer of BSC Webmail platform brings new features

In furtherance of the efforts to improve the BSC institutional webmail, we announce the 2nd stage of the project: the transfer of the members’ accounts to the new email platform, which is much more complete and functional, with larger message storage space, in addition to new features and conveniences for our users.

In the 1st stage of this project, the tool CISCO IronPort C150 Email Security Appliance was deployed, offering anti-spam and anti-spyware protection. This tool showed to be quite effective, cutting down 99.3% of the spams received by BSC servers, which allowed a swifter traffic of data through the network and higher defense against virtual threats.

The next project stage promises to be much bolder, since it will involve more expressive changes for BSC Webmail users. At this time, with the support of the BSC Directors, the Information Technology Department and its staff are setting the stage to receive the new platform. The next step is starting to transfer all email accounts, which will begin on Monday, July 14th.

See the main benefits of the new BSC Webmail platform:

20 GB mailbox (per user)
Much more space to receive messages and save files.

Calendar with integrated appointment book
Create events in your personal appointment book and receive an email reminder of the scheduled commitments.

Message search
New search system that makes easier to search for texts, dates, senders or subjects.

Drag & Drop (click, hold and drag)
It allows moving, copying and creating items.

User-configured filters
Anti-spam (a feature similar to the UOL one) — Request of confirmation by sender
White list – Register emails that you wish to receive
Blacklist – Register emails which are surely undesirable

Creation of message receipt rules
It improves user productivity, as they are able to define the messages that may be deleted or forwarded to a given folder, including messaging rules per sender or subject.

Fully integration with Microsoft Outlook
For users who prefer to download the messages and store them in the PC.

In addition to all webmail features and innovations, other tools will be timely released, so that our users may have more and more options and features which allow interacting in a more dynamic manner while meeting their needs, thus offering more reasons to use the BSC Webmail.


Important Information!

During the transfer process, users may find it difficult to access the BSC Webmail, such as: slowness and error messages during logon. Please note that these events are temporary and, after the entire process is completed, the webmail service will get back to normal.

The messages filed in the old webmail, as well as those received during transfer, will not be lost.

On rare occasions, the new anti-spam system installed may bar the “true sender,” and, on account of this, if you did not receive an email sent to you by people you know, contact the BSC support for clarifications.


Dr. João Manoel Rossi Neto
Information Technology Director of BCS

BSC Support
Email: tecnologia@cardiol.br / Phone number 55 21 3478-2700 (business hours)

Updated on July 9, 2008

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