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Free antivirus software

Just like in Medicine, we also should have priorities. Personal computers without antivirus software or with outdated applications are no longer acceptable.

A computer affected by a virus has a poorer performance, software tilting, makes Windows operating system slower, and poses the risk of theft of confidential information (credit card, bank accounts, etc.).

Therefore, it is recommendable that Internet users install an antivirus software in their computers. Preferably, these applications should continuously update their protection against viruses.

The Info Exame website presents four free antivirus applications with good protection systems. Learn more about them:

AVG 8.5 Free: popular antivirus among Brazilian Internet users. In the world, it has over 80 million users. In addition to protecting the PC against virus and data thieves, the application warns when a web page has scripts that may damage or infect the computer with some sort of virtual plague.

Avast Home 4.8: the interface of this antivirus is similar to that of an audio player. This detail, however, does not interfere at all with the system for searching and removing computer viruses. The Avast protection system protects the PC against the most common viruses and the virtual plagues spread by peer-to-peer download networks (P2P).

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 8.2: its most striking feature is the interface with tabs, which is rather user-friendly. On account of this, lay Internet users find it easier to use the software features. Avira has a virus detection and tracking system that is one of the quickest in the market.

BitDefender 10 Free Edition: a good antivirus for those who play games or use applications that demand good computer performance. It consumes little of the machine’s memory and processing — even when it scans the PC for viruses. For the internet user, this means faster PCs.

There also websites which scan the PC for free, requiring only a few plug-ins to be installed, such as Housecall Trendmicro. NOD32 and Kaspersky are good antivirus applications that offer 30-day trials.


Dr. João Manoel Rossi Neto
Information Technology Director of BCS


Updated on March 9, 2009

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