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Safe password puts one's mind at ease

Most of the digital security problems are caused by weak passwords. A weak password is one that can be easily discovered, and becomes an easy prey for online frauds, which may cause significant damage to users.

Digital invasions, content theft, changes in settings and other inconveniences may and should be avoided. With this in mind, the BSC Information Technology Department drafted some guidelines on how to choose a safe password for your Cardiol webmail, which may also be used for other emails.

Check below our security tips:

Do not choose words, personal names or number sequences (ex.: keyboard / João / 12345);

Choose at least 6 characters for your password, including 4 letters and 2 numbers;

"Mess up" with your password, use capital letters, lower case letters and numbers;

Use a different password for each email account;

Memorize your password and do not write it down. Write down a reminder only;

Change your password from time to time.

By taking these measures, the users will be helping keep their data safe and avoid a chain of problems caused by digital threats.

Updated on June 27, 2011

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